Anton Ohorodnyk

Welcome #

Welcome to a website that celebrates simplicity and clarity.

Here you will find articles that are easy to read and enjoyable to explore. I have experimented with different designs for my blog, but I always come back to the minimalistic style that lets the content shine.

This website is the result of my passion for creating and sharing.

About me #

I am Anton Ohorodnyk 1, a software engineer with a Master’s degree from the prestigious National Aviation University in Kyiv.

Since the year 2009, I have been carving my path in the world of software engineering, gaining invaluable commercial experience along the way.

Though I hold a deep affection for the programming language Go, I firmly believe that a truly versatile developer must delve into various paradigms and languages to create a unique and seamless contribution for every task and product. Thus, I remain open to embracing multiple languages in my work, should the need arise in task and business.

Content #

This blog is my personal space where I express my thoughts and feelings on various topics that matter to me. I hope that by sharing my perspective, I can inspire, inform or entertain someone who reads my articles. If you want to connect with me, feel free to reach out through any of the channels available.